Scheduling based automation of
electric vehicle charging

The current EV charging approach is focused on public usage, but absolutely inefficient for charging enterprise fleets.

Flumen is a scheduling based, electric vehicle charging management system focusing on the needs of enterprises. It replaces manual, human charging control with automatic, scheduling based approach, and brings measurable ROI in the form of less energy cost, and highly increased vehicle availability.

Why is Flumen revolutionary?

The basic problem is, that current approach for fleet charging is similar to public charging

When employees arrive to the company's parking lot, they try to find a free charging plug, connect their vehicles, and start charging immediately. This brings a first comes first served approach.

Vehicles are charged as long as the process is manually stopped, or the vehicle is full, so most sessions mean full charging. Since a full charging session may take as long as 4-6 hours, charging stations can fully charge 2-3 cars during a work day. When a charger plug is freed, no one knows about it, so pure luck controls which cars are charged.

This approach is unacceptable for enterprises, where vehicle availibility is the first priority. Those cars need to be charged first, which have the most important tasks, and each car should get as much power as necessary for its next route.

Why don’t they deploy charging stations for each car?

Although it would be a logical solution, but in 99% of office parking lots and garages there is not enough power available at the electric distribution board to charge all cars. Expanding the electrical input of the premises can be extremely expensive.

That's why there are much less charging stations than cars. The results are:

  • Permanent queues
  • Uncertain waiting
  • Cars are not available when needed

This leads to bad Return on Investment for electric vehicles.

The solution is Flumen's scheduling based charging automation approach

Flumen replaces human control with machine powered automatic control. People need to plug in, then leave the scheduling and charging management to Flumen's Back office system.

Flumen's cloud based central system receives charging reservations, calculates the optimal charging schedule, and controls the output of the charging stations (which cars are charged, in which order, and how much power they get).

The charging schedule considers a lot of parameters: the technical parameters of the cars, the planned routes, the environmental characteristics, the arrival and departure times, the enterprise priorities, the available power at the distribution panel, the electricity price changes, etc.

This central system needs information and rules to calculate the best charging schedule, and charge the vehicles as much as they need to fulfil their next routes. It can be feed with necessary data by enterprise systems (fleet management, route management, energy management, Outlook, etc.), and by mobile app (for ad hoc charging reservations).

Flumen's scheduling based EV charging automation provides measurable ROI for enterprises

  • Decreased charging energy cost by 10-30%
  • Increased car availability by 40-60%
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